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Old 10-18-2017, 10:19 PM
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Fitting z32 aluminum calipers and sti rotors

You need kns adapter Kns-010 $199
Brake caliper hardware from Toyota s12 calipers
Washers for spacing (I had oem Nissan washers from original hardware that was sufficient when added to kns adapter hardware approx $20
Brake lines that fit z32 caliper
Sti rotors 2005+

You have to bring a small corner of material from back of hub on upper mounting hole on svx that I used a Dremel and carbide bit.

Must remove around 1/2 inch on kns adapter around mounting holes that mounts bracket to Svx hub to make it flush I used a 4.5 grinder , metal file and straight edge to ensure I did it evenly.

Toyota caliper hardware lower profile than Nissan although pad design is identical and clearance to inside of wheels on 17" bbs is 1-2mm so that room is critical.

Note: top 8mm or so of pad is left unused and does not contact rotor
STi BBS wheels,legacy gt 4.44, 3" catback exhaust, Stance GR+ 7k/5k, QS Teflon adjustable endlinks, Hankook EVO 245/40/17, 95-LS escaine seats, GC8 V7 steering wheel, JDM clear corners, small car clear lenses, Alcyone badge, JDM rear taillight, 97 grille, stevesby bumper, PWR radiator, Perrin Crank pulley, Urethane Swaybar bushings, urethane diff bushings, DDM 6k 55watt lows and 4500k 35watt fog lights; $15/15min mod, Motorsport whs 22mm rear swaybar, QC shift kit, ToMyx intake, z32 aluminum calipers 13" rotors, nitrous express proton + wet kit.
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Old 10-25-2017, 02:18 PM
Jvan Jvan is offline
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Re: Fitting z32 aluminum calipers and sti rotors

Looks very nice. I'm always considering an upgrade but there has been little options. Other than the good looks, is there an improvement in braking? The aluminum calipers will cut weight but the brackets will add some back and the 8 mm of lose of pad contact might reduce surface contact, which is why I'm asking about the effect on braking w/z32 calipers. I'm interested in duplicating your upgrade but want to make sure it improves stopping and not just looks.
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Old 02-18-2021, 11:58 AM
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Re: Fitting z32 aluminum calipers and sti rotors

I would love an update to this if there ever was one, from anybody
1994 SVX LSi
JDM Tailbar and Grill, Clear Corners, 15min-mod, Nevin Blue RSB, G-FORCE SPORT COMP-2 Tires, Phenolic Spacers (Manifold & Throttle Body), SS Brake Lines, Maniac Electric Motors 160A Alternator
2008 Legacy 3.0R
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Old 02-23-2021, 10:20 AM
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Re: Fitting z32 aluminum calipers and sti rotors

Interesting that the top edge of the pad is allowed to hang past the rotor. It would seem to be a function of selecting the off-the-shelf caliper adapter.

Not ideal in my eyes, for a few reasons, but I dig the upgrade and am interested in learning more.
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