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Old 09-14-2020, 05:13 PM
irox irox is offline
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Re: Questions on how to proceed

I don't see an easy way to fix that...

You could try and drill out the hole(s) a little more to clean them up, then reverse tap and screw a helix insert into it. That would be too large for a bolt that would fix the pan, but then screw something into the helix insert, then drill and tap that to the bolt size needed for the pan.

You could try and fill the holes with epoxy of some sort, then tap that, but that seems even hackier than the helix inserts.

Good luck!
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Old 09-15-2020, 01:22 AM
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SoCoNoHa SoCoNoHa is offline
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Re: Questions on how to proceed

Well it's not pretty, but I'd be surprised if a gasket wouldn't seal that. I agree with Blacky, I think you'll be ok. I would say you'll need a new pan if yours isn't perfectly flat.
Personally, if you can't get the normal bolts to hold in those holes, I'd grab something just slightly larger out of the hardware bucket that can be sent in there. It'll tap it's own threads. Maybe because I've never had a helicoil work out. And hopefully you never need to remove the pan again, on that transmission anyway.
That's not the correct way, but that's worked for me many times with these soft aluminum motors.
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