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I'm in the same boat as Zsvx.....I only remember a survey being sent out....I don't recall receiving a request for money etc.......just praying that I haven't missed the boat!

*forgive all the nautical terms!*

As for the Yel..yell....YELLOW!, bright vivid yellow, with all the hues of a field of daffodils, yellow what a majestic colour indeed (passes bucket to Randy!) SVX that is for sale here, its the same colour as the rest of the worldwide ones - pity, it looks so different in the flesh.

Oh, on the point of BS dealers, I can empathise completely - I had one dealer insist till he was blue in the face that the SVX was a turbo and also RWD!!! What a complete and utter moron!!!

1992 charcoal grey SVX:

27 August 2002 to 27 January 2004 - she will be missed

Was back in Sydney for a while but not hot enough so now in Dubai! Has it been that long since I owned SVX-33H!
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