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Re: Slipping Transmission

Originally Posted by lsupcar View Post
Thanks Trevor.
Don't you hate when you have to force someone to do their job correctly?
I actually have a paper copy of the service manuals, but anytime I have offered them to mechanics over the years, no one has ever been interested.
I will go through the troubleshooting checklist so I can understand the process better, but for some jobs I prefer to pass it off to a professional for resolution.
I have changed the tranny fluid and filter not long ago, but am unsure about doing any more invasive tranny work myself.
I understand that the reason to follow the diagnostic schematic is to avoid unnecessary repair, but am I correct that to avoid a complete rebuild, the only realistic hope is that the solenoids are bad? Which are tested with the pressure test. I confirmed that part is available for purchase. In a set of multiple like you said.
It is always possible that a total rebuild is necessary but also likely that the fault could be due to a lack of line pressure due to the failure of solenoid "A". In the event that the line pressure is low you can decide accordingly.

In the name of common sense and logic, is it not obvious that the first off, the manufacturers instructions should be abided by and the line pressure checked? Would you fully overhaul an engine without first diagnosing a suspected faul? Please read all of my write-ups and Subaru's data and work from there.

You say, "Don't you hate when you have to force someone to do their job correctly?" I have been around for 91 years doing it all myself and only now, when having to rely on so called "tradesmen", am l constatly driven up the bloody wall. LOL You have my absolute sympathy!
Trevor, New Zealand.

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