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Re: Slipping Transmission

Originally Posted by lsupcar View Post
Trevor, I reread your link.
I could ask them again to check the line pressure to confirm a problem there, but in regard to solenoid a and the filter and debris, I am currently running a remanufactured svx transmission from Subaru installed in 2004, so shouldn't it have any updates in regard to a solenoid a filter? Is the solenoid a separately replaceable part?
I very much doubt that they will honestly check the line pressure and do they have a gauge with the required fitting? The too-hard basket is close at hand along with your cheque-book! Put the question to them, "do you have the factory manual test and diagnosis instructions?"

Yes the "A" solenoid is a seperate component and can be replaced without removing the transmission by dropping the pan and valve body. It is normal practice to replcae all the solenoids if the valve body is removed in consideration of the time/cost involved and the solenoids are often supplied as a ready wired complete kit.

You are prabably correct in ruling out a filtter blockage.

It would appear that the transmission is running in limp-home mode and should be driveable with care. Can you get the car to an honest good general mechanic, rather than a transmission specialist? Even a friend with mechanical knowledge. The manuals are available on line, check out the data yourself. Others here will help you find them. I can advise regarding adapting a pressure gauge.

Cheers, stick with it.
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