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Re: Odometer and Trip Odometer Not Working

Sorry to hear you are having issues with you're Odometer.

To trace the wiring, you could try starting at the Vehicle Speed Sensor, then trace it back to the instrument cluster. I'm not sure how different the '97 will be vs '92, but the 1992 FSM Body Electrical System chapter, section 13 covers the Vehicle Speed Sensor. Seems the Speed Sensor signal goes to connector B83 terminal 7 on the Cruise Control Unit, from connect B9 on the Vehicle Speed Sensor.

The Body Electrical System chapter also has a trouble shooting action.

Do you have any error codes? You've go the fancy OBD2 system, so things will be different than the '92 OBD1, but you might be able to get more interesting things out of ODB2 that could help with debugging this.

Part of me worries that if you're speedometer is working fine, then the problem may be inside of the instrument cluster. Does Cruise Control work for you?

Good luck!
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