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Re: Subaru EG33 breaks the class speed record

Originally Posted by Matthewmongan View Post
This is fantastic. You didn't happen to buy your engine from an old man in funkstown, MD, who used to work for Fairchild aviation? He sold it through one of his friends to a texan who indented to install the engine in an aircraft. Im still down about selling the car. Nothing drives like it, and it's the ultimate italo disco machine, but knowing it was being transformed into something awesome made the sting a little better.
Matthewmorgan, no I got this EG33 from Portland Oregon. It only had 516 miles on it, the SVX was T-Boned and totaled. I was the beneficiary of that accident.
During the installation I saw a SVX parked in the driveway of a home about a mile from my house. The owner happened to be outside so I stopped to ask him about his engine performance. He couldn’t answer many of the questions but just said he loved to drive it. He reached in his pocket, pulled out the car keys and tossed them to me. He said “Here go take it and find out for yourself.” I said you just met me ten minutes ago and you are letting me take your car all by myself? I was pretty much stunned by his generosity. I took his offer and just enjoyed my ride while introducing myself to the EG33. Every SVX owner I have talked have been very open about the car … great group or people.
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