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Re: rear strut mounts

Originally posted by elninoalex
Where is the cheapest place to get these? There is a good chance that mine are bad and I will find out soon when I install my springs. Thanks.

I was just thinking about ordering a set myself today. Since your car has been on the West Coast, I'm wondering how badly rusted yours would be. It might be worth doing a visual inspection before deciding to buy. If you jack up the car, pop off the rear wheels, spray down the strut mounts with a hose, and then wipe them down, you should be able to feel/see if they are badly rusted. There will be more rust on the top of the mounts, but you ought to be able to see it on the flared rig too if there's any.

I called a few wrecking yards hoping to get just a rear strut mount, but they would only sell me the entire strut assembly. You may want to check that on your own though. I may have just called the wrong places.

If you want new, either,, or Kerven are going to have the best prices.
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