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02-25-2002, 11:45 AM
I stopped by Sun Motors(Mercedes and Porche) today to see how the body work was coming along on my SVX LSI. They're making good progress from the looks of it but I question whether or not it will be ready by the first as they had predicted. Anyway, without dragging this out.................The photos are in my personal locker:
"SVX vs. Tree" contains pictures of the actual damage caused by the tree
"Body work in progress" is just that. Pictures of my car being repaired to pre-accident condition or better.

Disclaimer: Some of the pictures are not for the weak of stomach ;) Most of the pictures are very graphic ;)

I'm curious. Seeing as how I have direct access to the resonator should I take it off? I know a bunch of people have removed theirs but has anyone ever had a problem by doing so? Anyone suck up any water or the like? How much different does it sound. Does it sound better? Does it breath better? Etc, etc, etc? Any info would be appreciated :)

:D B.C. :D

P.S. Randy, If I do not get my car back by the 1st can I have a lil' of that sympathy back ;) Perhaps a pinch or two ;)

02-25-2002, 12:07 PM
Yikes! :eek: The sight of Bondo on an SVX gives me the willies. Almost more than crunched fenders and stuff.

The inside pic of the windshield is frightening.

There's a possibility you can have all your sympathy back. I've been saving it up. If they don't get my car back to me soon, I won't be deserving of it and I'll return it all.