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Address: 100 Riverside Avenue
Fort Collins, Colorado 80524
Zip Code: 80524
Telephone: 970 490-2406
Rating:3 (5 people have rated)
Description:A very professional SUBARU performance and repair specialist shop that works on all years and models of SUBARUs, but particularly like the WRX, SVX, Legacy, Outback, Forester and Impreza. They are into TURBOs and speed modification and sell new and used parts out-the-door or install them for you.

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I bought all 3 of my SVX from them, they were easy, and always willing to help. Wonderful service, and they love their cars.
ya there good
I had my alternator replaced there, and they seemed to be proficient and knowledgable, however when I asked them about my CEL, they told me it was a bad knock sensor, but also thought my SVX only had one knock sensor, which almost everyone knows it has 2.
DO NOT USE THIS SHOP! The comment about the alternator replacement is also from me, and after taking my SVX there for a new water pump, they totally screwed me. VERY poor communication, poor customer service, VERY slow, not efficient work, and they charged too many hours for labor on nearly EVERYTHING. I will never go back to this shop, except to make them fix the stuff they broke in the process of "fixing" it last time.
There is really only one expierenced mechinacic that knows his stuff about all things subaru. thats Angalo, the rest are good at basic maintanience.
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