Concordville Nissan, Subaru, Seadoo

Address: PO Dox 188
Route 202
Concordville, PA 19331
Zip Code: 19803
Telephone: 610-459-8900
Rating:3.5073529411765 (136 people have rated)
Description:They are the pits.

I went there 3 times for service with 3 different Subarus. Each time there were problems when I received my car back.
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They had 3 chances and each time they missed the mark. Three strikes is out in my book. Larry III
If you have an SVX and take it here, you will soon be dissapointed. They freely admit that they onlyhave one mechanic that can work on them. I had had mine in for several minor repairs with little or no sucess. A/C work, no way. Transmission TSB's, never heard of them, even though they were posted on several web sites. You would eb better off having it fixed by a VW dealer than take it here.
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