Bob Rafferty Pontiac, GMC, Subaru

Address: 4700 West Chester Pike
Newton Square, PA 19073
Zip Code: 19803
Telephone: 610-353-6900
Rating:0.96551724137931 (29 people have rated)
Description:They are a dealership and their service dept. is aces IMHO.

Larry III
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They seem to know what they're doing. When my mother's '97 Legacy GT was brought in for a throttle body recall and they cleaned the throttle body, something happened that threw off the throttle response and has the transmission overcompensating for throttle inputs and over-revving in simple passing and pulling into traffic maneuvers. I thought it may have been the result of the part replacement, but when I brought my SVX there for the 60k service (thr prior owner hadn't had it done), the throttle lag after I got it back was significant. It's being looked into even now. I'll provide an update if it turns out they were blockheads about something or if they fixed it with aplomb or something.
I have the throttle lag, too. As does my mother's '97 Legacy. I don't know if it's their fault, but both occurred after having the throttle body cleaned. Otherwise, the work has been good, overall.
Not a big fan of the service department. They are slow and sometimes incompetent. I asked for wheel rotation and marked the inside of the 2 rear wheel with a yellow crayon. The 2 wheels were untouched during the service. Was that underhanded? Yes. Warranted? Obviously, yes. John Ballack
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