Herwaldt Subaru

Address: Blackstone Ave. Fresno, California
Zip Code: 32266
Telephone: 559 Who Cares
Rating:0.33333333333333 (3 people have rated)
Description:A Subaru dealership in a town of 500,000 that is run out of a double wide trailer and the shop is at the Saturn dealership. How does S.O.A. allow something like this. The worst service I have ever had.
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This dealership is actually in the 93611 zip code. I mistakenly put it under 32266.
I went to the dealership, walked around the cars waiting for a while, nobody came out to help. (Anyways wheres the office?) Right when I was getting ready to leave the front door of a trailer house opens and a sales man comes out... A trailer for an office...!

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