Subaru Santa Cruz

Address: 1219 Soquel Drive
Santa Cruz, CA 95062
Zip Code: 95062
Telephone: 831-420-1500
Rating:5 (1 people have rated)
Description:These guys are very knowledgeable. Before I brought my SVX to them, I talked to the service guy and he knew about the wheel bearing problems and how to fix them properly (by not using the grease the bearings come packaged in).

Their prices are reasonable. For example, a timing belt change is under $300 (a very good price for the Bay Area).

They are very helpful. They filled out an extended warranty application checklist for me free of charge.

They actually work on other SVXs. Apparently mostly ones that are pearly white (accoridng to one of the sales people).

They are also open on Saturdays (also a rarity for Subaru dealers in the Bay Area).

Both my girlfriend (who has a Forester) and I have been very happy going to them.

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