Nippon Automotive

Address: North Georgia, Amicalola falls area.
Worth the drive from Atlanta for major work.
Zip Code: 30143
Telephone: (706) 636-2583
Rating:5 (2 people have rated)
Description:A small shop specializing in Subaru and other Asian imports. One mechanic shop, but he's the best I've ever seen. Charlie was a master mechanic at a local dealership for years, and now he has been running his own shop for six or years.
He's the only mechanic I will let near my 97 SVX LSi or my other Subaru's.
Perfect results every time with very reasonable cost as a bonus.
Do not let the long drive or last quarter mile of gravel road deter you, it's absolutely worth it.
Any SVX owner in the Atlanta area needing top-flight service should give him a call.

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I visited Charlie today to let him take a look at the "new to the family SVX. We have a few minor problems and I felt very confident about dealing with Charlie. I also would recommend him to SVXers. It is worth the drive. ironsvx
If you get a bent rim use Wheel Wizards in Atlanta to fix it. It is a lot cheaper than buying.
not there anymore
nope they are long gone
Are there any other shops that you can recommend in the Atlanta area?
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