Reeves Import Motorcars (Subaru)

Address: Reeves Import Motorcars Inc
11333 N. Florida Ave.
Tampa, FL 33602
Zip Code: 33602
Telephone: (813) 933-2699
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Description:Rude service and overpriced, Reeves seem's to treat Subaru's as an afterthought (their main focus being on BMW's, Porche, Audi, and Land Rover). They have only a handful who know anything about the car, and they try to sell you unnecessary services and ream you on anything and everything. This place was actually rated one of the ten worst Subaru service facilites in the country by a national auto-repair magazine, and I certainly know why. Take the trip to Mastro, much better service, prices, and people.
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This place is truly the worst dealership I've been to for service. I wouldn't let them touch my SVX; I took my VW Passat into them...once. All work was covered under warranty, but they insisted that there were items that weren't covered. I personally spoke to a rep at my warranty company who told me that everything was covered except my $50 deductible. The rep said she'd call the service manager and have a discussion w/him and call me back. She called back in 10 minutes and said all was ok. 5 minutes after that, the service manager called claiming that he tried "one last time" and raised h@## with the rep to cover everything and HE was successful in doing so; he didn't know that I called them, etc. Anyway, after all was said and done, they had my VW for 7 WORKING DAYS for a blown head gasket and bad belt pulley AND refused to release my car unless I paid $350+ for "uncovered repairs and labor" and tax, etc.! I fought w/them for another day about this, and they wouldn't budge so I finally paid it and got my car back. I was paying for a rental at the time which was getting quite expensive. STAY AWAY FROM THESE GUYS AT ALL, REPEAT, ALL COSTS! I go to Mastro as well, and they are pretty good. Knowledgable about the SVX and not too bad w/my VW.
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