Burt Subaru

Address: 5300 South Broadway
Englewood, CO 80110-6709
Zip Code: 80126
Telephone: 303-761-7453
Rating:5 (5 people have rated)
Description:This is a VERY good shop. They seem to ALWAYS have my parts in stock, which is totally rare it seems. The people are very friendly and have given me nice guy discounts quite a few times when they didn't need to.

My favorite service rep is name Daniel Keiser. He's a younger guy (24ish) and he understands what it's like not being able to afford repairing this car.

All around a great place!
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Great service - stand behind their work - even after warranty expires. Had a rear wheel bearing replaced, and went bad again after 18 months. They replaced it for free - parts & labor. Just one of many stories that I can tell about these guys. The service manager - Jeff Tossie - will ALWAYS "make it right". Rather unusual for a dealer!
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