Southern States Subaru

Address: 2421 Wake Forest Road
Zip Code: 27608
Telephone: 919-828-0901
Rating:2.2857142857143 (7 people have rated)
Description:If you take your Subaru to Southern States for repairs, ask that Quincy does the work on your car. He's been a Subaru mechanic there for over 18 years! Prices are the normal, overpriced dealer prices.

Every few years, the TV news crews do their investigative reports on who are the honest auto repair shops in the area. Southern States has ALWAYS told them exactly what was wrong with the car.
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I'm wondering if you can help me find out what kind of performance kits my 1992 Subaru SVX could use . What I'm really interested in is mostly aerodynamics . Thanks, CHRIS
don't bother buying a car from them, no matter how good their service department is. we bought a WR-X over a week ago. we signed the papers to have the money sent from our bank account, then we were supposed to pick up the car the next day. instead of picking up the car the next day, we got a call saying that something was wrong with 5th gear. on a new car? i'm glad that they caught the problem and wanted to fix it before we picked it up, but we were told 2 days... the parts came in, "didn't fit", and had to be reordered. again and again... a week and a half later, we still haven't been able to drive the WRX since closing the deal. will we ever see our car? in the future, i will take a road trip if i plan to buy a subaru. stay away from southern states.
i have been there a couple times to get work done on my 93 Legacy.. i don't go there any more cuz it's over 20 miles away and it's quite over priced... they tell it how it is though, by the way.. watch out for the gay black dude salesman.. not sure if he still works there.. make sure he doesn't come onto you.. he's the 1 with the light blue eyes (obviously contacts)
All that was needed was a set of calibers for my daughters car..We went to Southwest to buy the parts from a dealer.. of course they did not have them in stock and had to be ordered.. So we did so, with the promise they would be in on the following wednesday. We ordered them on Friday. Wednesday came and no parts. thursday the same and on and on.. Come Saturday, we requested the money be returned and yet no money has exchanged hands. We live over 30 miles from the place and have made at least 5 trips there, because the parts department seems to pick up the phone and hang it back up. I was told they were opened on Saturday and the guys were there, but none would speak to me concerning the matter.. After numerous phone calls and none being returned I now have to wait on the manager to see if I can even get my money back. Benjamin if this is how you people treat your customers I can promise you I will never become one. Nor any member of my family and all those that I can tell I will do so in the hopes that they see exactly what kind of monkey operation is being run there. Not that posting here will even make the slightest bit of difference.. Hey they have their money.. they could care less about the few of us.. But I do hope others will listen and not go there..
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