Budd Baer Inc

Address: 71 Murtland Ave.
Washington, PA 15301
Zip Code: 15301
Telephone: 724-222-0700
Rating:3.25 (20 people have rated)
Description:Subaru Dealer
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Dependable and honest service thus far. Not too pricey! The one mechanic (his name escapes me at this point, he's a younger guy) is a pretty nice guy as well. He has an honest face.
Rick Steele is the Subaru Master Technician at Budd Baer. He is a master of the SVX and has been servicing my car efficiently and well since 1992.
The body shop told me I'd have to wait 5 weeks to have a simple broken item fixed on my door (The catch that keeps the door open broke, and so the door no longer held itself open.). They also quoted me a $450 bill. Well low and behold, the day after I phoned another dealership. I had the work done at Bill Grey Subaru within the week for $120 total. Draw your own conclusions.
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