Shingle Springs Subaru

Address: 4045 Wild Chaparal
Shingle Springs CA 95682

Zip Code: 95667
Telephone: 530-677-8771
Rating:5 (1 people have rated)
Description:Right off of Highway-50 about 30 miles E of Sacramento, this place is home to a Subaru expert who will make sure the car is fixed right. I have been here a few times and never gone back for the same problem twice, this includes the wheel bearings! The guy at the service counter (Tom?) is also willing to go out of his way to help out (he stayed after they closed to wait for me because I was running late).
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I'm looking for some aerodynamics parts for my 1992 Subaru SVX . if you or anybody you know can help me please contact me as soon as you can . THANKS, CHRIS
bught two trucks there
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