Tischer Autopark

Address: 3211 Automobile Boulevard
Silver Spring, MD 20904
Zip Code: 20904
Telephone: 3211 Automobile Boul
Rating:4.5 (4 people have rated)
Description:A full service Subaru dealer with 3 certified SVX technicians. Tischer Autopark is also a dealer for Audi, Porsche and BMW in the same complex
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Name has been changed to MileOne Herb Gordon Subaru. New location 3 doors away at 3151 Automobile Blvd. New phone is 1-866-645-3663. All staff from Tischer are still on board
Be careful. I had them do a "pre-purchase" inspection and they missed the fact that my harmonic balancer had gone bad and told me that the engine would have to be dropped to replace the valve cover gaskets. Other than that, they were very helpful and even offered to install parts I had purchased.
Had a problem with my crankshaft and my check engine light, actually refferred me to another repair shop that would save me money, enjoyed the honesty for once.
I got redirected to a new number, 888-475-5149.
They want 3.5 labor hours to replace a rear wheel bearing and at their rate that's about $350 + parts. Most expensive I have found so far.
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