Mid City Nissan & Subaru

Address: 4444 W. Irving Park Rd.
Chicago, IL 60641
Zip Code: 60618
Telephone: 773.282.6200
Rating:4 (2 people have rated)
Description:Located barely a mile west of the I-94 Irving Park Rd. exit, here's a shop for people in the city who don't want to trek out to Schaumburg. Here, Subaru takes a back seat to Nissan, but we got a good deal on an '05 Forester and the parts dept. (didn't get the guy's name) was beyond courteous on a small back-order of a $10 tube of touch-up paint for my '95 SVX... charged me half-price. Finance guy was rude when we didn't take the extended warranty. (P.S.: one of the guys in the shop bought an SVX with a blown tranny for $200, dropped a new one in and loves the car. Will have to get him to log on here!) --Bob6stringer
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i am looking for a {ring and pinion/front differential} for my 94 svx where can i get one email me mulicchicago@aol.com
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