Mastro Subaru

Address: 6402 W Hillsborough Ave.
Tampa, FL 33634-5099

Zip Code: 33634
Telephone: (800) 683-2532
Rating:4.8 (25 people have rated)
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Extremely well qualified and they do excellent work. The BEST in town. They are a bit pricey of course, but you can haggle with them on price. I have no complaints.
I'm looking for aerodynamics for my 1992 Subaru SVX . If you can help me please contact me as soo as you get a chance . THANKS, CHRIS
They have a hell of a PR department. Haven't had my SVX serviced there but I did attend a rally cross that they sponsored in Starke, FL. It was excellent.
These guys are pretty good. They seem to care about the work they do. They make mistakes, just like everyone else does, but it's not that often, and they make it right. They had some trouble diagnosing why my engine light was coming on once. Replaced the O2 sensors and some other items. It took 5 working days of bringing it in each day since the light would come back on on my 40 minute drive home. Finally, they found some belt chunks under my timing cover from my previous belt. They cleaned it up and refunded me the price and labor of the O2 sensors, etc. What shop would do that? They refunded me over $300 for work they deemed unnecessary after they found the real cause. To be fair, this is the worst experience I've had with them. Every other time I've been there, it's fixed right the first time and they're very courteous. If honesty and pride in workmanship is the worst they get, then I'll take it any day! They're great.
Honest group of people, in the service dept. I always seem to get the owner working back there, real straight shooter. lets me know what the cost is then does the best to get it done in half the time I expect. The sales dept. is also an A+ , My sales Consultant (sean) is very knowledgeable. He found Me My '94 SVX LSI I wanted, With A good Price. And After Convincing My wife That Honda Is Evil And The Subaru '02 WRX Wagon (have a son, Wagon Is great) Is the way to go, Life Is great. DS
Mastro is a very professional establishment. I had nothing but great (if expensive) experiences with them. Kind, courteous, and KNOWLEDGABLE about the SVX (shock!). I had a major skirmish with them, however, and after writing a very nasty letter I had my issues resolved at no cost and no questions asked. Pete Mastro is a very honorable guy. I wouldn't hesitate to send anyone to Mastro. Not perfect but about as close as an SVX owner is going to get.
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