Bowser Subaru

Address: 1001 Route 51
Clairton, PA 15025
Zip Code: 15217
Telephone: 412-469-2100
Rating:5 (1 people have rated)
Description:Subaru Dealer
Multi-Brand Car Dealer

I've never had a problem with them; it's almost a pleasant experience to get my car fixed there. THey are quick and efficient, and have never tried to gouge me on price just because I have a rarer Subaru. In fact, recently, they couldn't fix something on my car, so they just returned my key, and didn't charge for the 'diagnosis' time. I thought that was awesome customer service.

The body shop is another story, I think they are very expensive, and kind of rude. For instance, they quoted me $485 to repaint the spoiler on my SVX, and then made me feel stupid for not buying the service.

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