Happy Jack's Automotive

Address: 142 S. Azar Ave
Glen Burnie, MD 21061

(Behind Bowl America on Ritchie Hwy, just south of Wilkins Subaru and the MVA)
Zip Code: 21061
Telephone: 410-508-3800
Rating:5 (2 people have rated)
Description:Happy Jack has been working on Subaru's for years and is definitely an SVXpert!

Contact: Happy Jack
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Unfortunately, Happy Jacks Automotive is no longer in existance. Their number has been disconnected.
Never thought Id meet a mechanic I liked and trusted till I met Happy Jack! Straight forward happy go lucky guy, Happy Jack will give it to you straight without jerking your chain or demanding your 1st born. I met Jack about 5 years ago now and let me tell you, I trust no others under my hood! He has helped me with my Acura Legend and now my KIA. My Acura had several issues from the engine to the onboard computer Jack fixed what he could as long as he could and finally pulled me aside and said he thought it was time for a new car and to stop wasting money replacing and fixing the one I had. Said if I wanted he would do the work but saw no reason for me to continue paying him when it was cheaper for me to just get another car! WoW I was amazed that I had found an honest mechanic with integrity and one hell of a disposition! Happy Jack and his crew get the thumbs up from me, Perry Allen Mc Atee III
Happy Jacks # is not Disconnected and they are still in the same location doing a great job!
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