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03-14-06 Engine Pictures

05-03-07 Cumberland Autocross

06-02-07 Cumberland Autocross

06-25-05, Hagerstown meet

07-29-06 Cumb Autocross meet.

1997 Legacy OB trans #

6 Rib Alt Pulley.

AC adjuster bracket

Amazon Parrot's TQ+flex plate

Autocross 05-14-05

Ban's car.

battery relocate

Beige Leather seat.


Brake band adjustment

Brake Band Adjustment Specs

Brake Master cylinder cap.

Brake Upgrade

Chi ke & Young Toms B-day

Chi ke's phenolic spacer install

Class Glass fiberglass hood

Class Glass Racing Hood

coil diagram

connection to coils

Coopers Rock 11-27-06

Cumberland Autocross 5-13-06

Cumberland Autocross Meet.

Cumberland MD Autocross 08-18-06

Equal length Headers

Equal length Headers and rest of pre-Reading 6 system


Exhaust system #11

exhaust system list

Fifteen minutes and $15.00 suspension mod.


front anti sway bar bushings

Front Differential & speedometer gears

Fuel injectors

fuel pump assy

Fuel pump modulator and resistor

fuel pump upgrade

Getting n00b's 93

Harry's car.

Head Torque Specs

Heavy Duty engine mounts

I.R.I.S. valve


intake manifold port pictures

intake manifold removal

IRIS check valve

Jerry's car.

John's car.

LSD & Open rear diffs

Magnaflow exhaust

Motorsports warehouse spring install

My Garage continued.

My Garage IV

My Garage Part III

My Garage.


Oil Filter Upgrade

Outlaw Engineering new style gaskets

Pearlie Bumper

PGH Meet, 12-19-04

phenolic spacer installation

Polyurethane bushing part #s

Porting Exhaust

Porting Intake

Rear Diff Gear Pattern

rear knock sensor

Right front wheel

Rufus's Pearlie.

Select Monitor Modes

Slow GT fuel pump #s

Solenoid C

Sov13t's car.

Specifications and Service Data

SSM cartridge internal pictures

SSM, front diff doc.

stock fuel pressure regulator

subi-crosser's farm


Supercharger V2

svxfile's engine support.

svxfiles 2007 exhaust.

svxfiles radiator

svxfiles trans mount.


SVXi transmissions


The S/C v3

Throttle Body Adjustment

Throttle Position Sensor

time slips 11/21/04

Timing belt marks.

Tom's Philly meet 03-11-07

Toms 50th birthday.

Torque Specs

Trans code and build plate for Dave

Trans swap part list.

Trans swap tool list.

Water temp sensor for ECU.


Wideband O2 & Boost gauge


04) Multiple mounting points.








14) From underneath.

Install the Legacy ring gear on the svx limited slip carrier and install the assembly into the clearanced Legacy housing. You need to grind the two bolt-bumps on the left inside the housing for ring gear clearance.

The pinion gear was left alone, so, what you use from the Legacy is,the ring and pinion, housing, and flange if it matches. And from the svx, the limited slip carrier, carrier bearings,shims,bearing caps. And in this case, for stealth, the svx end cap.