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6 Coil (-) triggers (Green) and 2 Coil (+) wires (black)

Close Up of Mil-Spec Splices

In the MSD beginning there was....

Liquid Insulation on soldered Mil-Spec splices

lock clip on E3 - push out while slowly pulling back on B4

Pin Call Out 1

Pin Call Out 2

Power and Ground wires to Battery

Soldered Mil-Spec splices

Stacker Box -p/n 7020

Stacker Harnesses to Coil/Plug wires

Stacker Installed 2/21/05

Stacker Loom Finished

Stacker Wiring Instructions

Stock Wires from Exciter to connectors to Coils/Spark Plugs

Wiring Harness 1

Wiring Harness 2

Wiring Harness 3

Wiring Stacker into SVX harness