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Old 04-09-2017, 05:52 PM
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I have too many parts and not enough money!

Hi Guys,
I have been hoarding Subaru SVX parts since 2001.
I need to sell some of this booty off.
Some of this stuff is brand new, most of it is used.
All of it is presentable and useable.
No, I donít have any radiators, cam/crank sensors or TPSs to sell.
I have some doors, fenders, trunk lids factory spoilers that need to be repainted, a hood, a brand new factory muffler (all years), a brand new two into one center cat, (96 &97) some interior stuff. Starters, factory fresh head gaskets, one brand new alternator, intake manifolds without IRIS valves, throttle bodies,ECUs, TCUs, ETC, ETC, ETC. Billís already LSDíd R160 4.44 that does not whine!
I have a 28í X 24í garage attic COVERED with Subaru parts! If you need something, please ask.
I need to make some room, and I need the money.
three oh one seven oh seven three four three seven
Thank you, Tom Krynock aka svxfiles
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the first 4.44 gears,
the first equal length headers,
the first phenolic spacers,
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the first with 4, 4.44s in his driveway

Fiberglass Hood thread
My locker
4.44 Swap link
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Old Today, 02:06 PM
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Re: I have too many parts and not enough money!


I'm going to send you a PM for the parts I need/want.
Larry III & The Beautiful Naviguesser
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