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Old 04-10-2019, 06:26 PM
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Wiper control module location

It seems that the wiper control module in my 1992 has died and the front wipers no longer work at all.

Does anyone know where the module is located? The wiring diagram I found claims it is "Behind the left side of the dash" but I don't see it anywhere.
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Old 04-14-2019, 11:32 AM
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Re: Wiper control module location

You didn't say if you did basic checks. Fuses 2 & 6 are both for the front wiper.
The control unit is above the fuse box, to the left of the fuel pump and main relays. Did you check for power at the motor?

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Old 04-14-2019, 10:05 PM
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Re: Wiper control module location

Slightly off topic but still relevant. Stranger things have happened.


I had a problem with the front and rear wipers suddenly not operating. Replaced the fuses and they immediately blew. Never had an electrical issue before.

I took my SVX to Heritage Subaru. The SVX Master Tech dove into the problem with a lot of enthusiasm. The first thing he did was to disconnect everything that was fed by the FB11 circuit (Fuse #2) He disconnected the wiper combination switch in the steering column, the front wiper, rear wiper, control module and a lot more and the fuse still blew.

That led him to the fuse block itself. While moving the fuse block he could hear the sizzle of a short circuit. Thinking it was a bad connection in the fuse block, he removed the fuse block and installed an inline fuse, bypassing the FB11 circuit. When plugging the harness to the wiper control module back in the fuse blew again.

Upon closer inspection he found that the control module harness had been routed improperly during the car's manufacture and the green/red power feed wire to this circuit was accidentally pinched between the back of the fuse block and the body. It took 9 years of vibration and whatever else for the insulation to chafe and finally wear through and short to ground.

The SVX Master Tech, Rick Waterman, repaired the shorted wire and rerouted the harness properly to avoid this ever happening again and thoroughly checked and rechecked every harness, connection and function. His ability to follow the electrical wiring diagrams and determine what he needed to do was amazing!

While the dash was apart he also noticed my ignition cylinder was loose and tightened the security bolts as well.

All of this took six hours, although they only charged me for four hours. He documented this very well and the Subaru District Rep for the dealership reimbursed me for my bill.
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