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Old 07-16-2017, 11:11 AM
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'92 Pearl White LS-L

I have a 1992 Subaru SVX LS-L for sale.

I have spent many years with it, and I have gotten loads of good information from this very site. It has been a long time since I've posted last. I honestly would prefer to sell this car to anyone on this site over any of the other places I have it listed. (Facebook, Nasioc, Indiana, etc. ) As I know it will go to a good home.

Please read this description in its entirety. (Sorry I copied some of this description from other ads that I have listed.)

Asking $3,800.00 price is negotiable.

This is a very clean example of a classic and rare subaru. I have had this car for 15 years, purchased at 92k miles in 2002. The price is negotiable, and im willing to work on the bad things for a favorable deal. I really needed a truck, and planned on selling this to buy a truck sometime next year, but I was given an exceptional deal on a 2000 Nissan frontier and I jumped on it, I don't have the space for 3 cars, and this is the least driven of them. I currently track/street a BMW M3 which is more suited to my wants and needs than this car. I don't have the space to collect it as a garage queen right now either, so I would like to sell it to a caring home. Realizing at a younger age that I had a somewhat rare car, I decided to keep it original rather than mod (5/6 speed swap etc.) I will also be listing this car on NASIOC, as well as locally. I am not open to trades at this time, I don't have the space or the desire to try and sell more vehicles.

The good:
Rebuilt automatic 4EAT at 97k miles.
18000 GVW auto trans cooler.
117,700 miles
Clean carfax
Original glass.
Great condition interior, and seats.
Working windows, auto seatbelts, sunroof.

Not bad, but not necessarily value increasing:
The paint started to yellow not to long after I got the car from being outside many years by the previous owner, I have had the car since re-sprayed the original color.
'97 front grille (also comes with original) vaccuum actuated shift kit (reduces slippage and increase shift speeds in between gears.)
Added '94+ trunk/side Subaru SVX badging
'06 Forester 6-disc in dash changer.
Silver adhesive dash applique. (To cover the ugly wood)
Comes with a '02 WRX momo steering wheel (not airbag compatible)

The bad:
Hood and trunk shocks are blown, you need to use props to keep them open.
Exhaust leaks, and a heat shield rattles.
Needs some new brake pads.
The driver side sunvisor was removed, but kept. It has a saggy syndrome, and was impairing my vision.
Driver side rear caliper seems to be sticking.
Small cut in the dash from previous owner changing the stereo, right next to the stereo.
Small dents on the driver fender, that just happened, in my garage, a hook holding a ladder broke, and the ladder leaned over on to the fender. PDR should get them out, but there is a small chip on the paint that will require touch up (photo included). I originally wanted $4k for the car but knocked off $200 for this accident intentionally.

Shortly after the trans was rebuilt, I noticed after driving at night that the gauge cluster, and PRND321 where not working. I took it back to AllTran, and they informed me that they didnt think they broke anything while taking the shift knob off, and the transmission out. However they would investigate it for the standard shop labor rates ($70/hr) which irritated me and I declined. Other shops have quoted similar rates, and I really don't want to pay $700 for a shop kid to look around for 10 hours to find a wire break, or an unplugged harness, I did as much investigation as I could, and I can't find anything from under the shift knob. I had planned to fix it eventually but the time has come to sell it sooner than I had expected. In the mean time, I plugged an led into the cigarette lighter to see the cluster at night.

If I think of anything else Ill try to add it here. Ill have to snap a few more interior, and engine bay photos tomorrow in the daylight. Plenty of exterior enclosed.

This link shows the SVX with my dads E30. The Advan RGII copies are not included with this car, it comes with the stock wheels.

--Miles Chatterji
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