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Old 05-31-2018, 12:21 AM
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Exclamation 94 SVX *New Owner*

Hello everyone my name is Brandon.

I had just purchased a 1994 SVX and got a steal because they couldn't figure out what was wrong with it. The downside is that it has 302k miles in it. My fix happened to be the fusible link under the hood in the fuse panel. Put a new one in and it fired up immediately.

It does have some problems and I was hoping to get some people’s input. I took it and got a free inspection down here at a local shop. They told me it sounds like i have probably 2 bad cylinders. I just put new NGK plugs in and was gonna do the coils, but NAPA quoted me almost $600.

Anyways I was going to test them and just hopefully replace the bad ones. Any suggestions? Also he said it looks like my valve cover may be slightly leaking. But haven't noticed myself. He also said my exhaust has a pretty bad leak so i was wondering if I could put a custom exhaust on it and what size pipe i should use? And maybe straight pipe if it will not effect the car. Any input would be greatly appreciated. I look forward to having many more discussions with SVXers!

And I also need a part that I can not find anywhere! I am looking for the sleeve lock regulator. Thanks and look forward to all the input!

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Old 05-31-2018, 01:17 AM
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Re: 94 SVX *New Owner*

Welcome to the Network!

There is a lot of information here and I am sure there will be lots of assistance. Never be afraid to ask any questions because they sound stupid.

I will tell you that the sleeve lock regulator you are looking for is no longer available from Subaru.It is a SVX-specific part not shared by other cars. Some members are researching having this part scanned and 3D printed. It may be found on SVXs in salvage yards, but these are plastic parts that become brittle with age.

See this how-to.

Custom exhaust options are numerous. You can replace any part, or the kwhole system. Depending on where the leak is will tell you what is best. The main catalytic converter replacement would be a dual 2” inlet and a single 2.5” outlet. The 2.5” pipe goes into the resonator and 2.5” out all the way to the muffler.

Do not replace the resonator with a straight pipe. You will get an annoying resonance around 3,000 RPM while at highway speeds. Replace it with another resonator at the same location.

Here is some coil information.

I am sure a lot of members will help. A lot of members here are over on the Facebook SVXNATION page as well. Just join

Also the SVXNATION.COM for a source for used SVX parts.

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Old 06-03-2018, 01:17 PM
RisingPhoenix RisingPhoenix is offline
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Post Re: 94 SVX *New Owner*

That was interesting. I was just curious about this "sleeve lock regulator" babble when I looked at those pics. Glad I had mine fixed (regulator, locks and stuff) a long time ago and I remember that "sleeve lock" giving me some headache..
Good thing about those is they are almost indestructible since I believe they are made from neoprene or polyurethane material ----JUST DONT LOOSE THEM!!
It's bad enough that the OEM Power Steering pumps are no longer available.
We really need a section here for places that specialize in rebuilds and OEM replicated parts for SVX ONLY.
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Old 06-03-2018, 02:15 PM
RisingPhoenix RisingPhoenix is offline
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Post Re: 94 SVX *New Owner*

Hi Brandon. Word of caution on that inspection: THEY COULD BE WRONG.

Just curious, but how does your 1994 run? If it runs bad and there is a loud hissing from under the hood..the problem is likely the throttle body and not really engine related.

Long story about how the local dealership did a full inspection?? on my 1992 SVX well over 10 years ago when it suddenly started running bad (like it was running on 3 cylinders it felt like) with terrible 'HISSING' coming from the engine
Diagnosis? 3 bad pistons!!!
So I 'barely' drove it home with this issue a couple days later I went to another mechanic for diagnosis...RESULT? A massive air leak from on top of the throttle body.
Anyways, to shorten this story, I had to get a special part only found at truck shops. It was a 0.05¢ steel rivet...or divet that I had to tap into the throttle body on the top. PROBLEM SOLVED.

EXTRA NOTE: my Subaru SVX ran perfect a day before they said it had bad pistons (as well as weeks and years prior with few issues) so it was obvious to me their diagnosis of an engine failure was totally false!!!!

I've put almost 200,000 on it since..engine still runs like a champ! ��

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coils, exhaust, input

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