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Old 10-19-2002, 11:56 PM
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Cool For Sale: Radio Wiring Harnesses for SVX!!

Replacing your SVX's factory radio? MUCH easier installation with this wiring harness:

If you do any searching you'll soon find that nobody makes a wiring harness that fits the SVX. After considerable effort, I have put together one that does fit. Mine is equal or better than what the harness manufacturers would have made had the SVX had been produced in larger numbers.

I've been purchasing parts to make harnesses in small production runs and am selling them to SVX and other Subaru owners.

Yes, all harnesses are available!
I will update this thread if/when I ever stop making these.

For shipping and payment options, and to place your order, please see this web page: (click this link)
and e-mail me the information requested.

Send your order or inquiries via E-MAIL to: I may not reply to PMs or follow-up postings here nearly as quickly.

I try to reply by e-mail the same day, but it can sometimes be longer due to the amount of time it takes me to respond to the many inquiries I've been receiving lately. If you don't hear back from me within 4 days, please resend your message — I've had reports that some of my replies have not been delivered. You should also check if your e-mail provider placed my reply into your "spam" folder. If you still don't hear back from me, go ahead and try a PM here (but please include your e-mail address in your PM).
There are more than 6 different types of harnesses (click on each link for pictures and more info):
  • SVX 'forward' harness $12 — Mates with the SVX's radio plug (all model years, all markets except Europe). Use this to install a new radio in your SVX (either an aftermarket or a newer Subaru radio from another model). Simply solder or crimp this harness to the harness that comes with your new radio. This has the 20-position connector shell with 15 pins/wires and allows you to install a new radio without cutting or splicing into your car's factory wiring.
  • SVX reverse harness $15 — Plugs into the SVX factory radio. Use this to transplant an SVX radio into another car, or to restore your SVX's radio wiring harness if it was removed by a previous owner or car stereo installer. Currently, this is only the 20-pin radio plug (with 15 pins/wires); I'm still looking for the shell for the 2-pin illumination plug for the CD player, but can include those two extra wires with contact pins for an extra $1.
  • 14-pin reverse harness $12 — Plugs into a factory radio from many other 1993-2007 Subaru models besides the SVX (Impreza/WRX/STi, Forester, Legacy). Use this to install another Subaru radio in your SVX (solder or crimp this harness to an SVX 'forward' harness). 2-DIN sized WRX and Legacy radios have been popular with SVX owners because they're slightly newer but still look stock. Also see the SVX-to-14 pin adapter, below.
  • 14-pin 'forward' harness $10 — Mates with the radio plug in all 1993-2007 Subarus (besides the SVX), and some 2008-up. The after-market harness manufacturers have these, but theirs frequently lack the Dimmer wire (necessary for Subaru radios to light up properly). WRX owners who want to install a Line Output Converter (LOC) for amps or a subwoofer can use this with a 14-pin reverse harness.
  • Reverse subwoofer harness $12 — Harness with 8-position connector that plugs into the Subaru factory under-seat subwoofer. Use this to install a Subaru subwoofer in another car (you'll also need forward and reverse radio harnesses for that car), or to repair a damaged factory subwoofer T-harness.
  • Forward subwoofer harness $10 — Harness with 8-position connector that connects to the Subaru factory subwoofer harness. Use this to connect an after-market sub or amp to the Subaru subwoofer harness. Send e-mail for more info.
  • SVX Alarm connector — Mates with the SVX's factory keyless entry/security system plug. This will enable a plug-and-play installation of an aftermarket alarm system in your SVX! Please send e-mail for details.
  • SVX Car Phone Power Harness $5 — Mates with the power connector located in the SVX's trunk (intended for an ancient-style mobile phone transceiver unit). See this thread Handy source of Ground, +12V Battery, Accessory, and Ignition. Could use to power a small subwoofer, trunk unlock solenoid, or other electrical projects.
  • Select Monitor Harness $5 — Mates with the Select Monitor connector found in many Subaru models (including SVX). See this thread (probably other threads exist by now too).

18-inch antenna extension cable $3.00 (with any harness order) — Male to female extension cable with Motorola connectors. Needed by most radios to reach the SVX's antenna cable.

SVX-to-14-pin Plug-and-Play Harness $32 — By popular demand, a ready-to-use harness with SVX forward and 14-pin reverse connectors. Install a newer Subaru radio in your SVX with no crimping or soldering required! Far less bulky than separate SVX and 14-pin harnesses wired together.
Older Subaru two-piece radio harness with 7- and 9-pin connectors $10 — Used in European SVXs, and other 1994 and older Subarus.
20-pin forward and reverse harnesses — fits most 2008-up Impreza, 2009-up Forester, 2010-up Legacy/Outback.

E-mail is the best way to contact me. See information in green, above.

David C.
1996 Laguna Blue Pearl SVX L AWD

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