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Old 04-27-2007, 02:06 AM
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Memory dump of ECU

I have dumped the memory of my ECU to a file and I'm starting to analyse it. Any other hardcore computer guys want to take a look?

Car: 94 JDM version S40-ii
RomID: 742512

CPU is M37791 (Mitsubishi MELPS7700)

This file is a dump of the whole 16-bit address space.

0000-00FF is IO
1000-14FF is RAM data (14FF downwards is the program stack)
8000-8FFF is ROM data (possible 16x16 tables at 0x8120 and 0x8e20 ?)
9000-FFCF is ROM code
FFD0-FFFF is Interrupt vectors
The rest of the address space appears to be unused.

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Subaru ECU and TCU Website
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