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Old 01-10-2004, 01:55 PM
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Question Transmissions

I was wondering which transmissions I can use to replace mine. I read that you can use the 4eat transmissions from other makes and models of subaru as long as the ratios match. I would like to do the five speed swap but if the automatic from another subaru will fit I would rather use it. Any info would be much appreciated. BTW Im a new member but have been reading the forums for about 2 years now but just recently joined. GREAT SITE AND WONDERFUL INFO ON OUR ONE OF A KIND CARS THANKS!
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Old 01-10-2004, 03:52 PM
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Wass app man.... Welcome to the site... Anyway here are some of your options...

--->2.5RS 5MT with the rear diff gears (swapped into the SVX's housing)
--->02-04 WRX 5MT... That's all ya need besites getting the shipter linkage leinthened about 2 inches and the drive shaft about the same (both 5 speed swaps ya have to do that because the 5MT is about 2 inches shorter than the Auto)
---->04 Forrester XT 5MT swap... It is pretty much an older modle STi tranny that's in there... It has 4.44 final drive wich will slingshot ya off the line and it is stronget than the WRX tranny..
---->04 WRX STi 6MT swap... There is one SVX with this done as far as I know... that tranny is VERY strong and won't **** it's self if you drive it too hard like the 5MT has been known to do... I don't have any info on this swap though
---->Legacy Outback Auto swap... But you'll need the TCU from the donor car as well... ( Not quite sure that this has been done either but talk to AreDubJay about it )
---->Get your final drive ratios swapped out for Outback final drive ratios... They are 4.44 and will turn your Auto into a really fast beast while also releiving some of the stress on the tranny... Your crusing RPM's however will be effected...

Good luck on whatever ya do and again, welcome to the site!!!
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