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View Poll Results: Wheel choices
Gold BBS wheels for the black SVX, keep the silver ones on the blue one 7 33.33%
Gold BBSes on the blue car, silver ones on the black car 3 14.29%
Silver BBSes for both 8 38.10%
Paint the blue car WRB and put the gold BBSes on it and be a true STi wannabe 3 14.29%
A different set of rims altogether (in comments). Nothing bigger than 17"s 0 0%
Voters: 21. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 12-21-2011, 11:59 PM
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Re: Gold or Silver BBSes?

Originally Posted by 92 SVX View Post
really does look good. I think I see new rubber on there, though cant read the brand they dont look like performance summers, are they all season?
They are these:

Which are actually not new rubber, they're a year old. They were on the blue car until yesterday, but I put the new tires on the new wheels and put those on the blue car, and moved the wheels that were on the blue car to the black car.

New tires are these:

I like both but the ventuses are supposed to be better. Have a set on my wife's lancer and they're great so far. They are both very good summer tires.

Originally Posted by sunvalleyray View Post
Great choice, very clean! I have a set of BBS wheels and cannot wait to get them refinished. I am leaning towards black for my red SVX, question in my mind is the finish - matte or semi gloss.
I bet that would look great. I still think these wheels are a really good option for SVXes. They look good, are not too big, but fill out the space nicely, are very light weight (guy who put the tires on said so several times), and fit perfectly (the hub is the same size, so they are already hub-centric = no worries as with some other rims, and the offset is also perfect). Plus, it opens up a lot of really good tire choices, because the STi crowd has the taste for them (at least it seems like it to me).

My brother had a red 240 and some 17" Sentra SER Spec-V rims that were finished in a matte/flat black and they looked really nice on it. I'd go for that if it were up to me, but I'm sure it will look great either way.

For reference, the SVX lugnuts will not work with the BBSes. I got these which look good to me and fit very nicely, but do not work with the lug wrench that comes in the trunk of the SVX (stock lug nuts are 19mm, these are 21mm):

The black "spline drive" ones would look great with them, but they cost more than I'm interested in paying for them.
'94 Laguna Blue LSi ~159k.......JDM ultra short-geared 3.900 STi Version 7 6-speed w/ Cobb shortshifter, ECUtune 244,8.1mm/256,9.1mm i/e cams, group N motor mounts, '97 grille, JDM clear corners, Momo JDM Legacy GT steering wheel, apkarian's LED tails, silver STi BBS wheels, PWR radiator, redstuff pads f/r, drilled/slotted rotors, bontragerworks rsb #18, Koni/GC 450f/375r coilovers, Megan Racing adjustable lateral links, KMac c/c plates, Stebro exhaust, ECUtune 1v5, Optima battery in the trunk where it belongs. Turbo project

'97 Ebony LSi ~137k #036.......Power mode mod, JDM clear corners, BBS wheels. AUX/pocket mod

Now a mod "over there" ............Photo album
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