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Old 04-14-2019, 08:47 PM
Labmember0003 Labmember0003 is offline
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Rear lateral link upgrade

I went to do an alignment on my SVX after I had the steering rack out and found the rear camber / toe on the left side were way out of spec to the point where I suspected something was bent. I did a quick inspect and found that sure enough the previous owner had hit something and bent the forward lateral link on the left rear wheel.

The other three links were straight, but the bushings were shot, so replacing all four seemed like the natural option. The issue was that replacing all four from Subaru would run me about $400 in parts even with my employee discount, and I would also be buying the last ones which would ruin the fun for anyone with my issue in the future.

I figured it would be awesome if there was some aftermarket solution that was better than the OEM part but also cheaper. Sadly such a thing for the SVX doesn't exist.

I did however find This. It says it fits a WRX but I figured it looked a lot like the ones the SVX has, so I ordered it.

Sure enough it was a perfect fit. I did have to cut off those protrusions on the rear lateral links, which I assume are for the WRX sway bar, because they get in the way of the SVX sway bar which mounts to the knuckle. They use what seem to be very nice quality metal bushings instead of the stock rubber ones, and they look to be better quality in general. Not a bad deal for $95.

Here is a picture I took of them installed.

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Old Yesterday, 05:32 AM
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huck369 huck369 is offline
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Re: Rear lateral link upgrade

With the metal bushings, how much worse is the road noise thru the car?
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Old Yesterday, 10:53 AM
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theflystyle theflystyle is offline
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Re: Rear lateral link upgrade

Great find if this works out.

I am also very interested in knowing what the noise is like.
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Old Yesterday, 09:23 PM
svxnavyvet svxnavyvet is offline
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Re: Rear lateral link upgrade

also check into 2010 Camaro trailing arms need to get a bolt for the front but they also come with adjustable pillow balls on the and a lot stronger.
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