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Old 05-19-2009, 04:09 PM
James Scott James Scott is offline
The Molinator
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Fuel Pressure Regulator.. ? Stock vs. Impreza

Does anyone know how to determine which part # is for my 1995 FPR .. and which is for the (Impreza?) I installed years ago prior to wanting to use nitrous on my SVX. The (Impreza) FPR put out a higher pressure to allow adequate fuel flow during nirtous boosting (and fit the SVX).

I didn't pass smog recently (with SmallCar chip Regular Gas wire turned on + Regular gas). So, I'm concerned about becoming a gross polluter... and not passing again! I've switched to Premium, turned off the "Regular Gas chip switch" I installed a while ago. I want the original FPR installed, but I'm not sure which is which??

I "THINK" the stock FPR has numbers: A44-000R55 51230
The other FPR has numbers: A44-S26 R10 39020

Please enlighten me.. . if possible.. .

Thanks Jim
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