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Old 04-17-2003, 09:43 PM
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Just missed one.........

I was going to class today, my assembly language class, leaving 15 minutes before it starts. (bad idea, he he)

Anyway, as I pulled out on the 680 north, and ran straight in to 7pm traffic, I suddenly saw a very familiar break lights about 10 cars in front of me, in the left lane.
Well, as you can imagine the idea of making it to class on time shot straight out of my head, and there i was chasing down a Red SVX.

I haven't met one on the road since summer now. It is somewhat unusual to see one in my area, so meeting a RED SVX would make my day.
As you could have imagined, in high density traffic, i did not catch him. He was so close......... I missed 3 exits to my college, and had to take the last one, however, he was still far away.

Of coarse, I was late to class. Only 10 minutes though, so it is not that bad. I think it was worth trying.

Btw, it is 7:40 now, only about 35 minutes ago I was chasing that sucker, and now I am in class. he he.

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