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Re: SVX / Legacy radio compatibility

Originally Posted by svxistentialist View Post
Photos as requested now uploaded to the album
Thanks! I've been occasionally getting questions from other SVX owners in Europe, so all of these pictures give me a much better idea of how the factory radio is installed and wired.

Now I just need to figure out if Subaru changed to the single 14-pin harness (instead of the 7- and 9-position pair) at some later model year. Otherwise I'm not sure why Autoleads would say to use the adapter with the 14-pin connector.

Originally Posted by svxistentialist View Post
Regards the first, that smaller white male connector has 4 wires from the radio male "slider connector". You can clearly see that in the big picture two posts up.

Rather strangely the female socket that it plugs to has only 3 wires leaving. Can you explain that? [Your second point, I suspect?]
Interesting. BTW, I call it a "7-position" connector since it has slots where up to 7 pins/wires could go. For reference, here's a close-up from your picture:
I thought I was seeing a 5th wire, but it must just be a shadow.

I have no doubt that the connector includes +12V Accessory, +12V Battery, and Ground (and those three are picked up by the cage's mating connector).

No surprise that Subaru omitted the motor antenna wire, since you have a separate switch for that.

Your 4th wire is Illumination + (at pin #5). So if you were to install an aftermarket radio that has a dimmer wire, you'd have something to connect it to

However, to get [a double-DIN radio] to slide straight in I suspect the plastic cover may have to be taken off the outer cage. When in the open position it does not fully move clear of the rectangular opening. Maybe a double din unit would fit without taking it off, it's only a few mm.
On the US cage, I'm able to temporarily open the door a little wider to slide in a double-DIN radio. I'll bet you could do that on the European cage as well.
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