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Re: SVX / Legacy radio compatibility

Phew David! That's a heck of a lot of questions! And me thinking I had answered everything!

Answers below where known, photos later:

Originally Posted by SVXdc View Post
Many thanks, Joe! Your pictures are very helpful.

Could I trouble you to add a couple more to your photo album a straight-on side view of the two cages docked, and a side view of the two separated, one above the other. It's a little difficult to tell the depths from your angle shots.
You're welcome. And yes, will take those later for you. There is a fair bit of work sizing them smaller for the website and waiting for each to upload.

Originally Posted by SVXdc View Post
Does the car's 7-position connector have 5 wires populated?

It looks like the cage's mating connector has only 3 wires.

That would mean the car's connector doesn't include the wire for the motor antenna, and the cage's connector omits that and both illumination wires.
Regards the first, that smaller white male connector has 4 wires from the radio male "slider connector". You can clearly see that in the big picture two posts up.

Rather strangely the female socket that it plugs to has only 3 wires leaving. Can you explain that? [Your second point, I suspect?]

I would agree with this third statement.

Originally Posted by SVXdc View Post
Does the radio illumination simply come on whenever you turn the key to Accessory or Run? Is there any way to dim it?
Yes. It does. And no. It does not respond to the dimmer button on the end of the stalk.
No, it can't be dimmed. The illumination has two colours. Green like you would expect, and a press of the "ill" button for 2 seconds+ changes all to amber. Amber is a little easier on the eyes, but the green is no way over-bright.

Originally Posted by SVXdc View Post
Does your SVX have a motorized antenna? Does it extend whenever the key is on Accessory or Run?
Yes it does. Turning on the ignition does not extend it [unless the switch is in the ON position], neither does turning on the radio extend it. Like the European ones this model has an independent 2-position switch on the console. When the switch is ON and the ignition is ON the aerial will be extended. When the switch is OFF the aerial will be down.

Yes, before you ask, this means you can have the radio on with no aerial extended. You will notice it by the reception being poor, if you do not take account of the aerial switch position. This is a minus point for this configuration.

A positive benefit is that you can turn on the stereo/CD during an automated car wash without having your aerial blitzed off!

Originally Posted by SVXdc View Post
How does the little plastic "Subaru" faceplate attach? Are those round things magnets? Or what does the back of the faceplate look like?
I don't remember. I think it just clicks into place. The round things are not magnets. They just keep the plate at the correct separation. I think it springs against them before clicking into place. They probably also act against it vibrating and making noise.

Originally Posted by SVXdc View Post
If you were to cut off the faceplate holder, and bend flat the two tabs on the sides of the outer cage, do you think a "modern" single- or double-DIN radio could be mounted in the outer cage?
Good question. Yes. I happen to have a double din unit here. I took it out of my Japanese RVR because the Japanese radio frequencies are not correct here. If you did what you are suggesting a double-din would fit OK. If you notice in the 5.08 post above, the outer box is wider at one point to accommodate the slider-cage? The double din unit I have will fit even the narrow part of the outer box.

However, to get it to slide straight in I suspect the plastic cover may have to be taken off the outer cage. When in the open position it does not fully move clear of the rectangular opening. Maybe a double din unit would fit without taking it off, it's only a few mm. Mehh. I think it would be better to take off the cover.

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