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So I wont get into why I canceled my PREVIOUS order, but I foolishly tried again for 2 pairs of their Raptor HID kits..... with "2-3 day shipping" its 3 weeks later, I called them a week n a half ago and they said no we cant refund them they have been sent out. I get an email 5 days ago that they finally sent them out THAT DAY. There goes their refund excuse.....Ok, whatever gimme my lights. They havent shown up, from the next state, in 5 days (+2 weeks) with supposed 2-3 day shipping. I click on the tracking number, it shows the package for the tracking number they gave me was delivered to Northridge, CA. WTH??!

Now I get to call them tomorrow AGAIN and find out why the package was delivered there (their site lists my correct address), gee maybe they wont give me a refund even now.... since they already been sent out and all.....

Avoid, this is the 2nd time I got the runaround, the guys there are rude and dishonest about shipping time, stock, refunds, anything. I have 5 different separate emails from them, all on different days, saying my order was shipped out that day. So after 3 weeks of something that was supposedly IN STOCK shipped "2-3 days" here I still wait.

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