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Re: SVX / Legacy radio compatibility

Originally Posted by SVXdc View Post

Interesting. BTW, I call it a "7-position" connector since it has slots where up to 7 pins/wires could go. For reference, here's a close-up from your picture:
I thought I was seeing a 5th wire, but it must just be a shadow.

I have no doubt that the connector includes +12V Accessory, +12V Battery, and Ground (and those three are picked up by the cage's mating connector).

No surprise that Subaru omitted the motor antenna wire, since you have a separate switch for that.

Your 4th wire is Illumination + (at pin #5). So if you were to install an aftermarket radio that has a dimmer wire, you'd have something to connect it to

On the US cage, I'm able to temporarily open the door a little wider to slide in a double-DIN radio. I'll bet you could do that on the European cage as well.
I'll check this David

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