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Re: SVX / Legacy radio compatibility

Thanks, Phil.

Here are some pictures of the Autoleads PC2-44-4 harness. It fits several Subaru models/years and converts to ISO connectors:
o o
The Subaru side is a 14-position shell, and is the same as what has been used on all Subarus in North America (except the SVX) from1995 to 2007 (and also 1993-1994 Subarus outside North America).

I've posted the pin assignments for that harness here.

Starting in 2008 Subarus, some non-Navigation radios switched to a different harness, but the Navi radios continue to use this 14-position connector for speakers and power.

From the pictures, the Autoleads adapter definitely lacks the Orange/White "Dimmer" wire (at pin #7), a typical omission on aftermarket harnesses.

The harness barely visible in this close-up picture...
o UK SVX connector.JPG
...looks suspiciously like one of the harnesses Subaru used for radios in older cars in the US — 1994 and earlier (1992 and earlier outside North America).

This is the connection between the cage and the car.

There are two harnesses — a 7-pin one with the power connections, and a 9-pin one with the speaker connections.

Autoleads' aftermarket wiring adapter is part number PC2-29-4:
The colors of the wires visible in that close-up exactly match the factory wire colors posted by a US Legacy owner, Vikash. His pin-out table is here. Here's the pin-number diagram for the two connectors:
View is looking at the contact pins on the car's harnesses (wires pointing away from you). On the cage's harness (as well as on aftermarket harnesses), this would be the side with the wires pointing towards you, pins pointing away.

In the close-up picture, we're seeing pins 5–9 on the bottom, and pins 1–4 above that, both going from right to left.

BTW, the 9-position one of the the pair is the same harness people are using to talk to the ECU.

An online retailer's site mentions that the PC2-44-4 (single, 14-pin connector) fits "SVX manufactured after 09/1992". Were there perhaps some earlier European '92 SVXs that used this older (PC2-29-2) Subaru harness?

Unfortunately, the UK SVX owner who sent me the radio pictures didn't mention what was his car's year.
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