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Re: SVX / Legacy radio compatibility

Here's the complete pin-out table for the left-hand 20-pin connector inside the cage:
 1* Motorized antenna control output (+12V = up)
 2  Ground
 3  Rear Left – speaker output
 4  Front Left – speaker output
 5  Rear Right – speaker output
 6  Front Right – speaker output
 7* Front Right pre-amp output +
 8  Antenna input (coax center wire)
 9* Pre-amp output – (common ground)
10* Mute Input: Ground = mute, NC = normal operation

11  +12V Battery (constant / memory)
12  +12V Accessory (key-switched)
13  Rear Left + speaker output
14  Front Left + speaker output
15  Rear Right + speaker output
16  Front Right + speaker output
17* Front Left pre-amp output +
18  Antenna input ground (coax shield wire)
19* Rear Left pre-amp output +
20* Rear Right pre-amp output +

* = No pin on European SVX car's cage (but present on rear of radio)
Pin number orientation:
(view is looking into the cage as normally installed in the car)

This connector has no wires for illumination, dimming, or Steering Wheel Control buttons. Could some of those be on the right-hand 20-pin connector? [Answer — Illumination & Dimmer are not. They stop before reaching the back of the cage.]

Does the UK SVX not have the illumination dimming cancellation button (on the tip of the turn signal stalk)? [Answered later — Yes, the car has the button, but the illumination on the radio never changes brightness. It comes on whenever the ignition key is on Accessory or Run.]

The cage has only one antenna wire, connected to the motorized antenna. From comments on a German forum here, it looks like the car raises the antenna whenever the ignition is on. The car still has the rear window antenna, but it's not connected to the radio (one person mentioned he added a switch to manually select either of the two antennas, and disable the motor control line to stop raising that antenna when not needed). [In a reply below, Joe says that his SVX has a switch to raise or lower the antenna. It only works when the ignition is on.]
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