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Originally Posted by b3lha
To clarify: The wiring harness connector are different. But these Panasonic headunits are the old pull-out type (with a swing out handle). They have a cage which fits into the dash and connects to the wiring harness. Then the headunit slides into the cage. The contacts on the back of the headunit engage with contacts at the back of the cage.

What I've discovered is that the cages are identical, except for the harness connector. So the Legacy radio can be slotted into the SVX radio cage (and vice versa if you wire up the extra power pin which is missing on the Legacy radio cage).
That's fascinating. That sounds like the old-style "security" feature -- where you remove the whole radio and take it with you. I didn't know that any factory radios did that.

Can you post some pictures?

Is the UK SVX (car's) wiring harness the same as in the US? Like this? [Answer — No]

(SVX 20-pin radio harness connector)

Does the UK Legacy's harness look like this?

(14 pin radio connector used in most other 1993-up Subarus)

For more information than you ever wanted to know about other Subaru models' radios (at least in North America), see this thread I put together on NASIOC. You'll need to create a free account to view the images.

And here's my SVX Radio Installation Guide.
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