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Originally Posted by mbtoloczko
Yeah, its no Stage 2, but it does nicely compliment mild NA breathing mods (exhaust, air filter, ram air). Its more like a DIY Stage 1.2. Yeah, should provide a useful bit of MAF padding for that modified engine. :-)

Yeah, I thought about a larger tube, but there's not much room to add a larger tube in the path I used. If someone wanted to add a tube that entered into the driverside of the intake pipe, a larger tube could be used there and then perhaps routed into the driverside fenderwell. At some point though the reduced MAF signal from a larger tube is going to lead to too much timing advance.
You might be able to use a seperate filter like those used as crankcase vents. The biggest problem you need to avoid is if the "unmetered" air has less resistance than the metered air.. this would result in possibly not idling

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