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instrument panel error?

Today, 5 April, 2018.

After I parked my SVX for 1 year,and first started on 31 March 2018,
second on 2 April and now is my third,

This time it started in Park, OK the first time. Run 12km, back, turn off and restart in Park, OK
Took the key out, waited awhile, started again in Park. OK.
All seems fine, no inhibitor sign.

But, for 3 times I warmed up, the speed shown seemed less than it should be, like speed show 70, but itís as fast as 100km (my feeling)

Also,the tachometer show very low at 200-250rpm, when on red light,but the car idles fine,no shaking, sound normal.

Could it possible that the instrument panel is faulty? (for the car been parked most of its last 7-8 years,)

Note: I have not changed my oil for 7 years, (done 1-200km in 7 years). The oil is still very clear.
1992 SVX whitepearl 129,000km
2005 MAZDA3 red 38,000km
2001 HYUNDAI XG V6.3000

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