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Originally Posted by socal1200r View Post
Sounds like you definitely have a reason to carry, that's for sure. When I get into discussions with people that are more on the liberal side of the spectrum, I tell them that the police are not there to protect you, that's your personal responsibility, be it at home or out and about. To think otherwise is just inviting trouble.

Enough from the soapbox, 9mm is a good choice, with the right kind of ammo and hits on target. I also have a full-frame 9mm, keep it loaded with 15 round mag, with alternating ball and hollow-point rounds, and have three more mags for it loaded the same way. I keep all hollow-points in my .45 mags when I'm carrying, with one ball round in the chamber.
as the saying goes (and I whole heartedly agree) when seconds count the police are just minutes away.
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