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Re: Subaru EG33 breaks the class speed record

Originally Posted by sd2649 View Post
What mods to the engine other than the gearbox/prop accessories? That I take manifold is cool, is it a one-off manufactured item? What engine management? Estimated power on your setup?
Steven, you are correct the intake is a custom one-off that I made. The factory one stood too high and weighs about 12 pounds more. The exhaust is also my own custom build. The gearbox is a Marcotte from Quebec with a 1.93:1 ratio. Engine management is Subaru stock from the SVX. The engine is stripped of many items that are unnessary in an aircraft. During races it consumes about 16 gallon per hour so I think it is making 200 to 210 HP.
I recently posted this YouTube video
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