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Re: Initial hesitation

Thanks Ryan. I sure hope it's just the canister for a simple fix. Another question I have for you though: Would air leaks in this canister cause a drop in P.S.I. pressure in my gas tank also?
Its obvious that the poor idle started the same time I lost P.S.I. tank pressure just months ago.

Just a fly-by question: Would coating the outside of the charcoal canister with RV sealant or Flexseal work for a temporary fix? And, do I need to replace the Purge Control Valve also?
Where is this Purge Control Valve located?
To add, yes I did replace the Valve Cover hoses in 2001 (about) with the original SVX OEM factory hoses (breather hoses) since the old ones on the car were cracked and hard as a rock. All good there!!
Upon further thought, I should be able to plug off the RETURN? hose to the charcoal canister to get my idle working normally without any issues. Since I'd still have that inlet plugged into my charcoal canister, the fumes should burn off in the engine just as efficiently in my view.

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